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I’m Annie Middlebrooks. Welcome to The Maker’s Table. I’m sitting down at my own table this morning to write this note to you. I love making things by hand, and I also love seeing things made by hand by others… in the kitchen, in the garden, in the workshop.


So encouraged by family, friends, faith, and the growing spirit of craftsmanship here in our city, I set out to create a series of workshops featuring Oklahoma makers. 


It’s my nature to be the host behind-the-scenes, curating an experience that brings people together. But if I were to dust off my hands, and step out from behind the table, it would be to say: “You can make things!”


It’s really about the creativity in all of us, and an invitation to you. Whether in a workshop, or through a story or maker’s advice shared here, let’s gather at the table… and work with our hands.