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Homemade Pasta | Photo by Courtney Waugh
Recipe: Homemade Pasta & Sauce

Homemade pasta takes a little bit of time (but actually not as much as you'd think!), but it's so worth it. I had never attempted homemade pasta before Elyse showed me how at the pasta workshop. There was always an assumption that it was really difficult...

Cuppie & Joe Vanilla Bean Cupcakes
Recipe: Vanilla Bean Cuppies with Buttercream Frosting

Last week was a whirlwind of butter, flour, sprinkles, and more butter with one cupcake class here in Oklahoma City and a second class at Carlton Landing. It was a busy weekend for me, but amidst the hustle and bustle are the moments where your...

Cocktail Class with Maggie Humphreys of Sharing Thyme
Recipe: Cocktails from Sharing Thyme

Last week, we hosted our first event: a cocktail class led by Maggie Humphreys of Sharing Thyme. The bar at Packard's was the perfect setting for guests to pour, muddle, and shake up some delicious drinks. More details from the event will be posted soon,...